Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Colorful LIons

yeah I know it's a bad picture I took off the webcam thing sorry I'll make a proper scan of the entire thing later but right now I'm tired and have work tomorrow so g'night

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nothing too Eventful as of Late

but I got new prismacolors so YAY! I haven't had color pencils for a couple months now and it had quite a toll on me. now I've got new ones and I decided to color my black/white sketches :)
here's my first finished one:
Lately I've been thinking about captivity issues for lions and other big cats. The sad fact: there are more tigers held in American backyards than there are in the wild around the world.( Every so often you hear on the news about accidents involving an escaped exotic cat and their owners or perhaps neighbors. While some are breeders willing to sell to anyone for a large sum of cash (sideshows, private owners, truck stop owners, etc), others have great admiration of them for their exotic grace and sometimes feel they have a deep connection with their pets. I do not doubt that such bonds happen, however, its easy to forget what your dealing with. According to, the average lion has 250 Ibs of muscle alone, what can one do with all that power in an 8 ft long enclosure? They're not display creatures, they are meant to climb and run, jump and tear. Even innocent intentions from these animals can lead to terrible consequences for both the owner and the companion/ pet.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reality, Irish people, and Powerpoint maps

 So reality has been rattling through my head for years. I assure you it's not an obsession (I'm not paranoid and believing that The Man has us all hooked to computers and living in cyberspace or anything), but experiences and other striking influences that otherwise seem ordinary will sometimes for some reason dig up my old Reality contemplations. How much of our core beliefs influence what we are sure is real? How much of it really matters? What if my read is you're maroon? right so you could argue that this contemplation/ fixation/ whatever-you-want-to-call-it is a useless waist of electricity in my brain. There are other questionings that I would bring up but my twitchy self control muscle keeps me from bringing them up. yeah ok maybe i'll bring some of them up later when my thoughts are more organized. (I need to get back into the habit of writing these things down)

on another note, my cousin is writing a story :D It's a fictional story about a girl and her badass irish friend who has fire powers. so since it's summer and I don't want to get my artistic muscles rusty when I go back to school so I asked if I could illustrate it and she said yes. So now I'm learning how to draw irish dudes (it's a lot like my project when I was drawing old people for that Wee Free Men story and my friends character from her play)

lastly, I got a job. yesterday I was asked to fix up a map which was constructed off a powerpoint with a tone of animation layers in it. I'm learning a lot from this one project. I've met like half the staff already and everyone is really nice. I've learned more in these two days about this new powerpoint than I could in a week in high school.  oh and it's good color coordination exorcise