Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paint Doodling

just a watercolor of a ghost that's not hungry for human flesh :) she didn't die angry at anything but occasionally misses the feeling of the sun so every so often she possesses a tree

Friday, September 23, 2011

Update From Uarts

hey, so I promised my co-workers at amec that I'd update them every so often on my blog just to update how college life is and what I would be making so I'm basically doing that now.
I meant to do this earlier but it it's only been recently that I've completed projects and stuff aaand over the last week(ish) I've been battling the Work Load Rapids but my canoe is starting to come along nicely so hopefully I wont drown ;)

So yeah I guess I'll start with my dorm:
My lil' corner

my roommates are so awesome they didn't mind that I brought in my bike while it rained

my pillow pets and dog. Not much of a replacement for sam unfortunately

This is the entrance to our room, the day before I moved in I learned how to make these origami stars and strung them so I decided to hang them there
some People:

right so I haven't gotten pictures of everybody yet  but I do have a number of photo's consisting of people I see quite often so:
Photo 1) Guy with curly hair is Anthony, Girl behind the gay umbrella is Brielle, Guy holding the gay umbrella wearing an awesome hat and looking uber happy is Michael, a friend from my Foundation class.
Photo 2) Anthony and Brielle fake fighting. meal time is never boring
Photo 3) Suspicious looking Anthony and Garian- obviously a very cool guy for being white with dreds and a vegetarian. (he also loves cheese)
Deleted Photo 4) One of my two super awesome roommates Zoe who is korean, a super clean drawing, eating ramen and a member of the animation army. *picture not approved of so was removed with haste
deleted Photo 5) the second super awesome roommate Jess (not jessica) who loves disney movies, worked at a library and agrees with me that making art out of actual books is creepy, is scared of Chucky from that movie Child's Play, loves fall/ wearing layers, and wants to go to britain. She's also a member of the animation army *picture not approved of so was removed with haste

Aaaand projects so far which are completed and in my possession:

You might have seen the kite hanging next to the spinny thing on my wall.  And yes it flies

Drawing Squares in 2D

My 3D teacher put my folded paper project (star, second to the right) on display it made me feel really special.

other projects on display, people make awesome stuff here

Another square drawing in 2D

oooh the lines

a bird sketch of no academic importance

Now curvy lines are in the boxes :D

I made this portfolio which hangs on my wall because there is no room anywhere else except under my bed to  put my stuff. Its made out of cardboard which used to support a portfolio bag, tape, and coat hangers to keep the pictures from bending over
Yeah so thats the jist of it. Classes are interesting to say the least. Drawing has become my most difficult class, it's like boot camp for drawlers. 3D is refreshingly new, makes you use creative parts of you brain not as required when doing flat work. 2D is hard but a little less boot-campish, history is very fun and writing is proving to be easier than previously anticipated. Glass works is basically cut and paste glass, no blowing or melting/ molding. :p

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bird Sketch

The most complete sketch I did while at the beach.
We've gotten crazy weather in previous years so I had brought tons of art stuff to occupy myself with in case it was the same this year. Perhaps it was my precautions that prompted a positive jinx, for the weather was great, and I spent most of my time out in the sun, on the sand and in the water. (Got some awesome burns ;P)

On the top right corner of said sketch, I made an entry, "Right and wrong, Superficial? Harmony is the true structure" These words are some loos strands from a brainstorm. Often times when I sketch my creative conscious will root to whatever I've been contemplating and I begin to brainstorm. Sometimes its an exploration of what a certain word can mean, or what a certain subject is from different perspectives. What certain things mean for me. Other times I'm trying to figure out the right answer, the one that everyone no matter what origin, religion, culture, planet can understand/ relate to/ agree with. I can't fully or accurately explain the meaning behind these words, because they branch off to so many independent concerns, but I can guess and try to explain the best I can.
 One of the bigger roots to the topic is morality. We are all influenced, in one way or another, by our moral compass. We look (or glance) at it when we have to make life decisions that effect others. I wonder if something built our compass in the same manner that our memories build our personalities. Does modern culture have significant influence on this tool, or is it guided by deep, primitive notions passed down to us in order to ensure the welfare of future generations? These compasses probably work differently from person to person, sometimes they point in different directions. Who's right and who's wrong? Is there a right or wrong? ( or is the concept of right and wrong superficial in the grand scheme of things? after all, no matter what any one of us does, the world is still going to spin) I'm sure though, that we all have the same need for balance. The right amount of struggle so you have the experience, the right amount of wrong to motivate you to make it right, enough good things to make your pursuit worth it, good people to look up to and antagonists to argue with.
I feel I'm beginning to ramble so I'm going to stop there. See, this is the problem that comes with trying to explain a brainstorm; you want to keep storming. You begin on the right track, but after a while you wander off until you no longer have any destination and forget you were going anywhere.

On another note: I collected a tone of shells and looking at them I could see landscapes and other pictures in them. I'd really like to start a project sometime based off these.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Colorful LIons

yeah I know it's a bad picture I took off the webcam thing sorry I'll make a proper scan of the entire thing later but right now I'm tired and have work tomorrow so g'night

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nothing too Eventful as of Late

but I got new prismacolors so YAY! I haven't had color pencils for a couple months now and it had quite a toll on me. now I've got new ones and I decided to color my black/white sketches :)
here's my first finished one:
Lately I've been thinking about captivity issues for lions and other big cats. The sad fact: there are more tigers held in American backyards than there are in the wild around the world.( Every so often you hear on the news about accidents involving an escaped exotic cat and their owners or perhaps neighbors. While some are breeders willing to sell to anyone for a large sum of cash (sideshows, private owners, truck stop owners, etc), others have great admiration of them for their exotic grace and sometimes feel they have a deep connection with their pets. I do not doubt that such bonds happen, however, its easy to forget what your dealing with. According to, the average lion has 250 Ibs of muscle alone, what can one do with all that power in an 8 ft long enclosure? They're not display creatures, they are meant to climb and run, jump and tear. Even innocent intentions from these animals can lead to terrible consequences for both the owner and the companion/ pet.