Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here it is!

alrighty so that was delayed a little (sorry) suddenly my scanner decided he didn't want to scan my paintings anymore. (i think he's jelous that i make such awesome stuff that he can't make cool stuff)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here comes the best story ever:

I had this done for days but couldn't find out how to upload it. Then today I saw "Save to Web" and was all, "what could this do?" and guess what? It worked 0_0

Monday, October 25, 2010

sorry to keep nobody waiting but... you'll just have to bare it a little longer :/

haha so... ya
I'm painfully aware I haven't posted a thing in almost two weeks (or sometime... too... long?) which is not very great or good or ok... at all... but I promise you I have been active in sketching and experimenting and uneventful/ productive experimenting XP and this Friday or during the long weekend next week I'll upload what I've been up to including this stubborn photoshop project I finished who refuses to upload on the school computers

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A New Acrylic Piece

alright! so this painting i started Sunday night. Its based off a still life I put together which includes a vine-like plant that's been living in a glass filled just with water so you can see all it's roots twisting around which I think is really cool. Next to it is a ball of recycled-silk yarn that is made of primarily red-violet silk that is spun with various other silks of yellow, red, orange and some occasional turquoise. The ball and the plant are sitting on a chest (the goldish bronze ring is where the opening of the chest is) which is draped with a pinkish fabric.This painting style is relatively new to me, I've never painted too thickly with acrylic. But at UArts, my painting figures teacher, Rebbecca, would push me to just put it down. Let it be thick and don't poke the canvas (that woman had such patience with me). so there I sat looking at the blank canvas. Paintbrush ready, I hesitated for a second, then thought: "a screw it" and just slapped it on. It seems to be working so far. The leaves need some more tweaks as dose the yarn, and as you might notice, theres a branch that was painted over that I might want to put back in because I like roots

So, if I keep at it after school every afternoon I predict I'll be able to finish this by thursday/ friday

Saturday, October 9, 2010

SATs are OVER!!!!!!

so... hey guys, ya, was sourt of static and unmotivated yestorday to do anything with 7:30 am SATs looming over my head friday night so, SATs are over and
anyways heres the end results of my 1st jellyfish monoprint and epic jelly vrs squidly battle with the monoprint medium which I've decided isn't really necessary. (this first picture does not have the medium)
and the felt thing in the press I used to transfer the paint on the plastic sheet onto the damp paper which I think was a little too saturatedand also, I sourt of wish the battle scene was just a little more trim BECAUSE THE JELLYFISH LOOKS LIKE ITS MELTING AND IM ALL LIKE :D !!!!!!! 8D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yay for epiphanies!

 I've been having some fun with monoprinting this week. In the back corner of a closet I discovered a mysterious monoprint type medium that's supposed to lighten the value of the paint and the results got me all twisted up with epiphanies, which is a good thing, and I also found in my exploration of class room clossets an acrylic medium that has a "sandy" texture which is super exciting and perfect for my next project with dad's trilobite.
so tommorrow (friday) I'll post the photos of the end result of my epic monoprint experimentations which really turned out to be a bit of a mess  (but a good sourt of mess).
What I learned: medium isn't necessary, just paint light where its light and add black where it's dark.
also, whipe down the soggy paper so the paint doesn't blead all over the place, even though it's awesome how it looks like the jellyfish is melting/ collapsing over the force of the giant squid, too much bleeding is just messy sloppy and leaves the impression that someone sneazed paint on it and it conveniently looks like a jellyfish grappling a squid (0_0)b

Friday, October 1, 2010


The complete painting! The largest  shell on upper left corner is a type of oyster. Its flat and made of of layers of planes. Beside it is a chunk of coral. On the second lowest level is a piece of bluish grey shell which I believe is either a helmet shell or a conch, maybe a whelk. Occupying the lowest left corner is a type of shell that I believe belongs to a moon snail. I loved working the details for the oyster and the color works on the moon-snail shell. Painting the paper bag folds was also fun