Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A New Acrylic Piece

alright! so this painting i started Sunday night. Its based off a still life I put together which includes a vine-like plant that's been living in a glass filled just with water so you can see all it's roots twisting around which I think is really cool. Next to it is a ball of recycled-silk yarn that is made of primarily red-violet silk that is spun with various other silks of yellow, red, orange and some occasional turquoise. The ball and the plant are sitting on a chest (the goldish bronze ring is where the opening of the chest is) which is draped with a pinkish fabric.This painting style is relatively new to me, I've never painted too thickly with acrylic. But at UArts, my painting figures teacher, Rebbecca, would push me to just put it down. Let it be thick and don't poke the canvas (that woman had such patience with me). so there I sat looking at the blank canvas. Paintbrush ready, I hesitated for a second, then thought: "a screw it" and just slapped it on. It seems to be working so far. The leaves need some more tweaks as dose the yarn, and as you might notice, theres a branch that was painted over that I might want to put back in because I like roots

So, if I keep at it after school every afternoon I predict I'll be able to finish this by thursday/ friday