Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yay for epiphanies!

 I've been having some fun with monoprinting this week. In the back corner of a closet I discovered a mysterious monoprint type medium that's supposed to lighten the value of the paint and the results got me all twisted up with epiphanies, which is a good thing, and I also found in my exploration of class room clossets an acrylic medium that has a "sandy" texture which is super exciting and perfect for my next project with dad's trilobite.
so tommorrow (friday) I'll post the photos of the end result of my epic monoprint experimentations which really turned out to be a bit of a mess  (but a good sourt of mess).
What I learned: medium isn't necessary, just paint light where its light and add black where it's dark.
also, whipe down the soggy paper so the paint doesn't blead all over the place, even though it's awesome how it looks like the jellyfish is melting/ collapsing over the force of the giant squid, too much bleeding is just messy sloppy and leaves the impression that someone sneazed paint on it and it conveniently looks like a jellyfish grappling a squid (0_0)b

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