Friday, November 26, 2010

sneak peek (haha and the spell check doesn't recognize what Crinoid is)

This is the final sketch of my next project which will be color pencil maybe accented with some water color (still working that out). Its based off another of my dads fossil collection called a Crinoid(aka Sea Lilly), and it's one of the most interesting  because the earth pushed the crinoids in all different directions almost giving you a different point of view to every side of them  and i think there are three different species (depending whether the octopus looking one is the same as the biggest one or if it looks like an octopus all around)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

me hermana

First, a lot of this is cutt off because the scanner wasn't big enough for the whole thing, there's a bit more blanket, ending just before the knee and you see most of the corner and arm of the couch.
Second, this is a picture based off a sketch I made of my sister which came out relatively good, but the longer I looked at it the more I began to get the impression that she was sad in her sleep... which kinda bugs me...
well what-ever I have something done now and I'm almost finished with that still life I started and quit about a month ago so thats good

you can expect a post sometime around thanks giving or this weekend showing the still life from a month ago and another one I started last week at school complete (hopefully) and an update on a new fossil project I'm starting (it's another crinoid :3)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I would so much love to be done with it

I have no idea why, but the scanner made this look greener than it actually is. There is sandy yellows and browns that don't mix with the blue to make the entire thing green (just thought you ought to know that) also, these things are fun, but this messed up my one piece/ week goal :( and I realize that the composition's a little screwy, but maybe I can get away with it by making more hallo-y type mark things to make it look like rock layers or something :/

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ammonite, pastell experiment

This is a mixed media experiment with tan, brown and blue oil pastell and water color splashed underneath. With the ammonite (shell fish fissile) in front of me, I began to scratch out the pastell to make the pattern. It was a progressive learning experiment and I'm trying to focus on what the professors at Arcadia, UArts, Kutstown, Rowan, Marywood etc. advised me to do when I went to national portfolio day which included to draw BIG, be creative/ original, and have loooooots of STRONG work. What I gather from this is that I'm pretty good at this technique, but it's tiny (one professor said very bluntly that having small work meant I had small ideas) I don't know how this would work out as a big piece, but I'll make my future pastel works as big as I can manage along with big figure drawing WITH FACES and get in some big still lifes :3
also, it's a three day week so I'll try to muster up a couple works during my free time