Monday, November 1, 2010

Ammonite, pastell experiment

This is a mixed media experiment with tan, brown and blue oil pastell and water color splashed underneath. With the ammonite (shell fish fissile) in front of me, I began to scratch out the pastell to make the pattern. It was a progressive learning experiment and I'm trying to focus on what the professors at Arcadia, UArts, Kutstown, Rowan, Marywood etc. advised me to do when I went to national portfolio day which included to draw BIG, be creative/ original, and have loooooots of STRONG work. What I gather from this is that I'm pretty good at this technique, but it's tiny (one professor said very bluntly that having small work meant I had small ideas) I don't know how this would work out as a big piece, but I'll make my future pastel works as big as I can manage along with big figure drawing WITH FACES and get in some big still lifes :3
also, it's a three day week so I'll try to muster up a couple works during my free time

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