Saturday, March 26, 2011

To My Surprise...

-this actually came out pretty good. when I first unwrapped the clayboards back in Christmas I was excited but did not have very high expectations out of this. I'd never worked with this type of material and hadn't a clue what I should do for it. my first trial was sort of a bust but good practice. then I decided to give this crinoid subject a chance and this time I decided to try a mix media experiment with watercolor and colored pencils.
    It started out rusty, the smooth surface wouldn't hold more than one layer of watercolor, and the colored pencils would only hold to the paint. My teacher noticed this and suggested that I use a Matte acrylic coating from a airsoft and that worked really well. (even thought I know it's really bad for the ozonlayer. Sorry mother earth XC )
   one other thing you have to know is that this is a crinoid, maybe an ancient ancestor of the horseshoe crab. Its a prehistoric crustacean that was fossilized and dug up, loosing pieces of his eyes in the process. (which is not the geologist's fault. It takes a lot of skill to unearth these in one piece and he did a fine job, using a tremendous amount of care getting out of the ground without many scratches on it and picking the sediments out of every one of it's little creases) So anyway my point is yes those tube things sticking out of the front which is the head are probably eyes or antennas and yes one is shorter than the other because it broke during the excavating.
(photo which I took and edited on Picnick :3)

Friday, March 18, 2011

this should be the final, minorly edited picture. I worked on it with photoshop to even out the papper and darked the backround and worked out the opaque hue to make it pop out a little more

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ok I found out the better way

Note to self: when even lighting is required just take the photograph outside :P

Sunday, March 13, 2011

yyyeeeeeeessssss XD

alright so editing this photo was more painful than the anal observational lines I made so viewer, appreciate it. Haha... huu but seriously though it was kind of rediculous for others who want to make a digital copy of a drawing they did on black papper: scanners get easily confuzed by it. If your thinking of taking a picture of it with a camera, I suggest you find very even lighting (that was my main problem)
also, this replica is the best that I could do but even then it's a little inacurate. the colors match but some little things were made more prominant than others, which it is in the picture but not as... bright cyan/blue-ish? well anyway I'm working it out if I can get a better photo replica at school tommorrow I'll upload that one