Saturday, October 9, 2010

SATs are OVER!!!!!!

so... hey guys, ya, was sourt of static and unmotivated yestorday to do anything with 7:30 am SATs looming over my head friday night so, SATs are over and
anyways heres the end results of my 1st jellyfish monoprint and epic jelly vrs squidly battle with the monoprint medium which I've decided isn't really necessary. (this first picture does not have the medium)
and the felt thing in the press I used to transfer the paint on the plastic sheet onto the damp paper which I think was a little too saturatedand also, I sourt of wish the battle scene was just a little more trim BECAUSE THE JELLYFISH LOOKS LIKE ITS MELTING AND IM ALL LIKE :D !!!!!!! 8D


  1. You can confuse me so easily with your art pic though! This is Mom, I can't figure out how to even post this properly...

  2. o mom your so funny I love you