Monday, August 15, 2011

Bird Sketch

The most complete sketch I did while at the beach.
We've gotten crazy weather in previous years so I had brought tons of art stuff to occupy myself with in case it was the same this year. Perhaps it was my precautions that prompted a positive jinx, for the weather was great, and I spent most of my time out in the sun, on the sand and in the water. (Got some awesome burns ;P)

On the top right corner of said sketch, I made an entry, "Right and wrong, Superficial? Harmony is the true structure" These words are some loos strands from a brainstorm. Often times when I sketch my creative conscious will root to whatever I've been contemplating and I begin to brainstorm. Sometimes its an exploration of what a certain word can mean, or what a certain subject is from different perspectives. What certain things mean for me. Other times I'm trying to figure out the right answer, the one that everyone no matter what origin, religion, culture, planet can understand/ relate to/ agree with. I can't fully or accurately explain the meaning behind these words, because they branch off to so many independent concerns, but I can guess and try to explain the best I can.
 One of the bigger roots to the topic is morality. We are all influenced, in one way or another, by our moral compass. We look (or glance) at it when we have to make life decisions that effect others. I wonder if something built our compass in the same manner that our memories build our personalities. Does modern culture have significant influence on this tool, or is it guided by deep, primitive notions passed down to us in order to ensure the welfare of future generations? These compasses probably work differently from person to person, sometimes they point in different directions. Who's right and who's wrong? Is there a right or wrong? ( or is the concept of right and wrong superficial in the grand scheme of things? after all, no matter what any one of us does, the world is still going to spin) I'm sure though, that we all have the same need for balance. The right amount of struggle so you have the experience, the right amount of wrong to motivate you to make it right, enough good things to make your pursuit worth it, good people to look up to and antagonists to argue with.
I feel I'm beginning to ramble so I'm going to stop there. See, this is the problem that comes with trying to explain a brainstorm; you want to keep storming. You begin on the right track, but after a while you wander off until you no longer have any destination and forget you were going anywhere.

On another note: I collected a tone of shells and looking at them I could see landscapes and other pictures in them. I'd really like to start a project sometime based off these.

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