Monday, September 27, 2010

How did he get in there?

I took some breaks painting to do sketches. On this page I was drelling on the mysterious decline of tropical frogs in the wile and I felt inspired to sketch a few and a bottle. I was in the mood for practicing color line drawing. and I was thinking of how  I could express my concerns over the frogs symbolically. The idea that they were in trouble and had to find a way to escape the disease/ fungi/ ? inspired an idea for a piece in which one would be trapped in a bottle with a nozzle obviously too small for him to squeeze through. It was one of those creative brainstorm journeys that are difficult to explain when it's over.
I also dribbled coffee by accident on the page and decided to outline a snail with two shells over it.

1 comment:

  1. o right and the brown spot is coffee XP, gross, but i decided to use it and i made a double-shelled snail. (its a mutant and i love him)