Thursday, December 9, 2010

DAR stamp design

MY DAR STAMP! (Daughters of American Revolution society)
so, every year our art class takes part in the contest and every time its a different theme. This time the theme was Reserving American History. so at first I thought of drawing a design with a history teacher holding a text book in one arm and gesturing with the other making look like he's really into whatever historic story he's telling the students and in the background is a scene of the founding fathers writing the constitution. didn't turn out too great. Then I thought of a picture my friend Hannah J took while she was at UArts that had the liberty bell in it and figured eh, I'll grab a quote and go with it. (most artists advise against making artwork based on photographs because you don't have much power in controlling the composition and other factors like lighting but at this point I really needed the darn thing done and Hannah's an awesome photographer so i wasn't too concerned) and to my surprise it came out pretty awesome [THANK YOU HANNAH!] but it still didn't really fit the theme so I stuck a tourist snapping a photo in it which gave it some spacial balance

and yes I know I have no sense in fonts
In other news: my crinoid should be done fri or sat and I'm going to be interviewed at Rowan this Sunday. ironically that's the same day NJ's been promised arctic chill and we've been advised to stay home and drink hot cocoa :P I'm sure it will be fun anyway

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