Saturday, June 25, 2011

Will you be able to see this or do you have to click the link
I guess you click the link. anyway it's a familiar feeling for me... why does that make me feel heartless saying that? like I've let feelings of people i knew die with the fading memories. At the same time however, if you (reader) are familiar with it as well perhaps you could relate to the relief of letting those old struggles lie and rest. And really it doesn't have to mean it's a severed feeling like that area on your body previously cut with nerves nonoperational, perhaps a friendship blossomed.

on another note, I've thought up a new metaphor/ personification: she is a coral seed, floating in this enormous sea searching for her haunted ship for a home, something sturdy, something surreal and with a story you feel instead of hear. she will connect with this ship that is neither evil nor pure and will keep her stable so she can blossom and fight for life

well that's about it HAGS I'll probably be doing more posts but just in case you quite reading :P oh and I got a job yay!

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