Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now or Never

ya I know I had somewhere around 6 posts about finishing this :P I don't completely understand why, maybe I sat in front of it for too long, but I lost interest/ love for this picture. One thing I understand now though is that sometimes a piece your working on can be like you looking at the sun. After a while it's not pretty anymore, it hurts your eyes and you have to look away. In my case, i had too look away from that super cool fossil and supertaunting picture for a couple weeks. Then last wed we had a snowday and it was raining and there was this weird progression from "wow the sound of falling ice and branches can be really relaxing sometimes" to "isn't it funny how now that the pressure of me finishing that crinoid is off me I suddenly want to finish it?" and then I woke up and turned on the T.V. and it all went down hill from there
on the upside though I did a pretty good sketch of an old guy named Albert who isn't eating a tortilla

it's a picture of his dead wife Peggy

oh and i also drew this with pastelle, I lost the better digital copy and this looks alot browner and yellowier but the scanner picked up too much of the dark hues I used to make the shadows


  1. it's funny what can motivate a person: deadlines, life or death (taking a wrong turn skiing and having no choice but to go down the black diomond), not having a deadline anymore... 9_9

  2. haha these are GREAT!!!! i REALLY like the pastelle one :D