Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Statue's Eye and Roots & Yarn Tangles

the first painting is an oil still life painting my teacher set up. Like the set ups my professors put together at UArts, Doc took tones of random but visually appealing objects on top of a table covered with the green velvet curtain which was pinned to the wall. This piece was just 1/3 of the total setup. It took somewhere around two weeks, and after a while without looking at it, I went back with fresh eyes to fix the areas that called for it. I do realize that the bottom left corner doesn't match the color tone of the right, half of that is the lighting but I ran out of the Olive green when i was tweaking it so it's become a little more prominent.

This was an acrylic piece that I started waaay back in... October? (There's a post of this in it's early stages, maybe you recognize it) anyway Doc wanted to see more work done in less time so i put this on hold for a while and went back to it around the same time I did the oil still life.
I've also been doing some illustrations but I don't have a copy of them yet so I'll upload them at a later date

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