Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm making surrealism :3

its based off a picture I found of a evening cloudy sky. In the photo there are birds but these strokes arent horizontal like clouds so I'm calling this impressionistic. Actually looking at it this could be the inside of a flower couldn't it. huh.... ya so I'm tired but I'll work on another thing to be finished tommorrow see ya


  1. just fyi here, blogger's lying it's actually 11:19 right now.... I just don't want you guys thinking I'm being whiny ;P maybe I am a little? hah ya so I like sleep and ya g'night

  2. by the way i LOVE it :D
    its pretttty

  3. I'm loving this!!! you might want to look up some Romantics, Impressionist and Post Impressionist as well as some Abstract artist. You really have something here. Keep it up!!!