Tuesday, May 17, 2011

C'Mere and Gi'Me a Kissssssssss

a new piece I made. the technique is tempera resist. The mediums used where white tempera and black ink (and water) on watercolor paper. I've been itching to paint something old but alive in nature; maybe an influence from doctor who? "it's something old, something new, something big, something blue." well alligator snapping turtles aren't blue but they can grow to be relatively big and they have a bit of a prehistoric look to them don't they? So anyway the way tempera resist works: first, you paint the picture or design on watercolor paper and then paint over it entirely with black ink. (you can make marks or draw the entire picture with a #2 pencil without it affecting the color of the paint) Then when your done just run cold water over it and gently rub off the ink where the tempera lies underneath and the tempera will begin to show through. The best subjects for this technique are those with texture. It doesn't have to be rough, I saw a piece done by another classmate that had a silvery-type shiny statue of a Budha that looked beautiful. If you mess up by having too much white you can go back with black ink, however, more white tempera or acrylic won't match with the original so ya don't do that... it's really obvious

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